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Stage Micrometer
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Stage Micrometer

(HL-2052 )

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Occular Micrometer
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Occular Micrometer

(HL-2053 )

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Staining Rack
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Staining Rack

(HL-2054 )
Slide staining Rack all stainless steel.
1. For 10 Slides.
2. For 25 Slides.

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Gas Tap
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Gas Tap

(HL-2055 )
Gas Tap
Made of brass. Powder coated. Designed to operate at pressure up to 2 psi. Available with adopter made of Brass.
  • One Way
  • Two Way
  • Four Way

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Embalming Machine(Cadaverous Injector)
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Embalming Machine(cadaverous Injector)

(HL-256 )
Cadaverous Injector
for injecting formaldehyde solution in cadaverous at much higher speed than normal gravity process. Unit is fully covered & mounted on a portable trolley having four castor wheels for easy movement. Unit consists of one air compressor fitted with 1/2 hp motor which is connected with a stainless steel tank of 10 liters capacity meant for storing and injecting the solution. Tank is fitted with a safety valve, pressure gauge and rubber tubing having provision for injection.
supplied complete with electric cord, plug and suitable to work on 220 volts, 1ph 50 hz, ac supply.

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COD Digestion Apparatus
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Cod Digestion Apparatus

(HL-2057 )
1. To Determine of Chemical Oxygen Demand.
2. Solid State Block Heated unit with Provision for samples to be digested at a time.
3. 38mm Dia reaction vessels with 20ml sample size o heat at temp. of 150◦c 1◦ c.
4. Temertature is controlled byDigital Temp. Indicator cum controller.
5. It has provision for 15 samples.
6. Supplied with 15 nos. glass reaction vessels.
7. Fitted with a ON/Off switch.
8. To work on 220/230 volts A.C.

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Vacuum Oven
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Vacuum Oven

(HL-2058 )
1. These are double walled unit.
2. Outer made of M.S. Sheet duly enamel or Powder Coated paint.
3. Innermade of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet (304 grade)
4. Temperature is controlled by Microprocessor Based PID Digital Temerature Indicator cum Controller with an accuracy 1'C.
5. Provided with vaccum gauge.
6. Precise Vaccum range from 5◦c above room temperature to 150◦ with 2◦c accuracy.
7. Precise vaccum control to 28 (70.2cm) Hg displayed on analog gauge.
Size :-
Round 250mm(Dia)x250mm(Depth)
Round 300mm(Dia)x300mm(Depth)
Round 300mm(Dia)x500mm(Depth)
Rectangular 250(W)x250(D)x250(H)
Rectangular 300(W)x300(D)x300(H)
Rectangular 455(W)x455(D)x455(H)

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Plant Growth Chamber

(HL-2059 )
1. It has outer wall made of M.S sheet duly painted and inner wall made up of haevy gauge stainless steel (304 grade)
2. Besides outer double walled door, a full view inner glass door allows inspection of test samples without disturbing the inner chamber conditions.
3.Unit is supplied with three adjustable perforated shelves.
4. Finned tube evaporator.
5.Temperature range from 5 C to 50 C 1 is controlled by setting Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator Cum Controller so as to set two different temperature for Day and Night .
6. Exterior illumination with fluorescent tubes accounts for artifical day light.
7. Cyclic illumination conditions are regulated by automatic Microprocessor based programmable Timer.
8. When all the tubes are on Temperature from 15 C to 50 C 1 C can be obtained.
9. CFC Free Eco Friendly Compressor.
10. To work on 220/230 volts A.C.

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Oven Universal High Temperature
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Oven Universal High Temperature

(HL-2060 )
1.These are sturdy double walled units outer chamber made of M.S. sheet duly enamel painted.
2. Inner made up of mild steel or S.S sheet (AS ORDERED).
3. Inner chamber is provided with ribs for adjustable perforating shelves to convenient height.
4. Temperature is controlled by Microprocessor Based PID Digital Temperature cum Indicator from ambient 300◦ C or 390◦ with accuracy 5◦c.
5.Air ventillator are also providedon the side or back of the unit.
6. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. supply.
7. All Units are fitted with air circulating fan as a standard features.
1. 300x300x300mm : 28Ltrs.
2. 355x355x355mm : 45 Ltrs.
3. 455x455x455mm : 95 Ltrs.
4. 605x605x605mm : 125 Ltr

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Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus
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Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus

(HL-2061 )
To Introduce the principals of absorption chromatography using the thin layer technique. This mechnism is having moveable applicator with inbuilt thickness arrangement between 0 to 2mm (Minium Div.0.25mm) If further consists of the following components.
1. Spreader (Applicator) made of electroplated brass.
2. Perspex base of 114x23 cm. to support glass plates.
3. Plate reack aluminium,anodised for ten20x20 cm,or 20x10 cm plates.
4. Developing Tank with Lid.
5. Spotting template made of perspex.
6. T.L.C. Plates et of five 20x20cm and two 20x5cm or set of ten 20x10cm, and two 20x5cm
7. Glass Sprayer with rubber bellow, cap.100ml
8. Micro-Pipette or Glass Pipette.
9. Scriber for marking lines made of stainless steel.
10. Instruction Manual.

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Bone and Meat Cutting Machine
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Bone And Meat Cutting Machine

(HL-2062 )
Specially designed for use in Anatomy & Meat Cutting requirement for preparing big size specimens.The large working table and extension table opearte on ball bearing rollers.
Table is made of thick stainless steel sheet with heavy axles for rigidity and firm movement.
1. Size of cutting table : 123x42cm.
2. Extension table : 61x42cm.
3 Total table travel : 120x42cm.
4 Height : 213cm.
5 Motor Heavy Duty : 2 H.P. SinglePhase,starter
Complete unit supplied with one blade,starter,cord and plug.
To work on 220/230 volts AC supply.
Optional:- Spare cutting Blade

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Automatic Tissue Processor

(HL-2063 )
We offer customers automatic tissue processors under model name HLSI 1600. These processors are quality instruments used for automatically processing tissue specimens for microscopic observation. For preparing tissue for preservation in its natural state, it is processed through a calculated cycle of fixation to stop all enzyme activities.
Automatic Tissue Processor Features:
  • Dehydration to remove all water & infiltration of paraffin
  • Permits the tissue to be cut into sections for slide staining
  • Working Tissues are inserted in stainless capsules/ uni-cassettes
  • Identified & placed into wire mesh baskets that are mounted on hood for processing
  • Movable hood raises, transports & lowers the baskets through series often via glass beakers containing processing agents & two stainless steel pots containing hot paraffin
  • Tissue is sequentially submerged & oscillated in a fixative dehydrated cleansing agent and finally immersed in paraffin
Automatic Tissue Processor Advantages:
  • Programmable 12 stage timing sequence, having 24 hours calibrated disc
  • Delay action of 24 hours
  • Precision gear mechanism for trouble frees working
  • Safety device for tissue protection
  • Thermostatically controlled wax bath
  • Each Station with capacity of 1 Liter/2 Liter
  • Automatic agitations allow the effective processing of tissues
  • Assure utmost convenience in operation
PHYSILAB Automatic Tissue Processor Complete as above is supplied with:
  • 24 Nos. Tissue Capsule
  • 1 Nos. Basket Rotator for Tissue Capsule
  • 10 Nos. Glass Beakers
  • 2 Nos. Wax Bath
  • 6 Nos. Calibrated Disc (Histokinette Disc)

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Laminar Air Flow
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Laminar Air Flow

(HL-2064 )
The variants (models) of Laminar Air Flow Chamber are available in Stainless Steel, Electro-galvanized Steel or wood covering all applications.
The environmental air is drawn by centri-balanced, centrifugal succession blower through pre-filters and is thrown to work plate form through high efficiency H.E.P.A. filters, retaining particulates and biological contaminants larger than 0.3 microns, Table-top is covered with stainless steel (SS-304/SS-316) sheet.
All the compartments of the chamber are chemically sealed to prevent leakage/loss of air-pressure, Front door is collapsible type & side panels are fixed, made of crystal clear thick plexi-glass or transparent polycarbonate.
All variants are available with U.V. Tube, Fluorescent Tube light, Gas cock & Static Pressure Manometer or Differential Pressure Magnehelic Manometer. Features:- Efficiency: 99.97% (or above) down to 0.3 micron Blower Unit: Centri-balanced, centrifugal motorized blower with ISI marked motor. 1/3 H.P. 1440RPM Discharge: Air volume 90cfm10% Noise Level: below 65 dB Illumination by Fluorescent Tube: Light Intensity-The intensity of the light at the work Surface is in between 800 to 1000lux. Germicidal: By Ultra-Violet Tube (Approx 50 micro watts per on the entire work surface.) Electrical: All electrical fittings are as per ISI standards. All internal wirings are protected with heat resistant material. Manometer: Available are two types:
1. Dial type Magahelic Differential Pressure Manometer.
2. Block Type acrylic/Plexi-glass inclined Static Pressure Manometer.
Utility Lines: Gas (standards), Vaccum and Air (On request)
Sizes are available Horizontal/Vertical :
2x2x2 3x2x2 4x2x2
6x2x2 8x2x2

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B.o.d Incubator

(2065 )
Designed for low Temperature incubation and routine determination of Bio-Chemical Oxygen demand (B.O.D.). This unit is composed for doubled walled chamber with a thick layer of fine glass wool to prevent loss of heat and cool. For work in lower temperature a cooling unit is provided at the lower portion of the working chamber and heating arrangement has been made in the inner chamber for work of higher temperature. The temperature varies from 5 C to 60 C adjustable at any desired point by Dual Display Microprocessor PID Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller with a accuracy of 0.5 C. Air Circulating fan has been provided to keep the temperature uniform inside the chamber. Inner chamber is made up of richly anodized aluminum or highly polished stainless steel sheet. Supplied with two/three removable perforated shelves. Exterior made out of thick mild steel sheet duly finished in powder coating. Outer double wall door is provided with magnetic gasket and lock & key arrangement. Inner door made out of clear acrylic sheet allowing inspection of material in the chamber without disturbing the chamber temperature. Door operated inner illumination has been provided. Refrigeration unit is formed by ISO/ISI marked compressor. Control panel is provided with toggle switch, temperature controller, various indicators etc. Complete with automatic internal light, L- shaped thermometer, connecting cord and plug to work on 220V AC 50 Hz single phase.
Chamber Size in mm Cap. (Cu. Ft) Cap.(Aprox.)
455x410x610 4 112L
505x415x830 6 171L
565x565x865 10 280L
650x580x900 12 336L
700x650x900 15 420L
Optional Extra Cost :-
a. Timer 0 24 hours.
b. Internal illumination with 3 florescent tubes.

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(HL-2066 )
Temperature range few degree above ambient to 70C. Thermostatic control with a sensitivity of plus minus 2%C. heating elements are paced in ribs at the bottom and sides. Doubled walled inside anodized aluminium or stainless Steel, outside Mild steel painted in epoxy powder coating. Built in L shape thermometer with perforated adjustable shelves. Double walled door with double glass window. To work on 220/230 Volts A.C. Supplied with or without Air Circulating Fan.

1. 300x300x300m (12x12x12) 28
2. 355x355x355mm (14x14x14) 45
3. 455x455x455mm (18x18x18) 95
4. 455x455x605mm (18x18x24) 125
5. 605x605x605mm (24x24x24) 224
6. 605x455x910mm (24x18x36) 2 52
7. 605x605x910mm (24x24x36) 336

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