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Rotary Microtome
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Rotary Microtome

(HL-2067 )
PHYSILAB Senior Rotary Microtome
  • Model: HLSI –Available under highly versatile sectioning device
  • Suitable for medical institutions, research & pathological laboratories
  • Microtome has special application for cutting these sections of histopathological specimens
  • Ideal for those who want to avail advantages of Rotary Microtome at competitive costs, the entire mechanism stands on heavy cast iron base thus ensuring process stability.
  • Shows compound slide ways of critical tolerances guide the specimen block
  • Metal hinged cover housing that protects internal mechanism against dust & paraffin waste
  • It can be conveniently opened for resetting, cleaning & lubricating
  • Microtome is driven by handle which can also be locked
  • Cutting sections obtained in different thickness by mechanically operating crank
  • The knurled knob comes in microns for feed setting & ready reference
  • Knife holder unit is equipped with rotating knife clamp to adjust desired angles for best sectioning
  • It has forward & backward movement to ensure contact of specimen with knife. Lateral movement that provides maximum use of knife edge as well as smooth & accurate specimen movement achieved with the time proven operating principles regarding feed mechanism
  • Travel is entirely independent of the vertical movement of the specimen block
  • In areas where feed limit reaches to an end point, it disengages itself
  • All parts fabricated from selected alloys
  • Microtome knife is manufactured from fine grain steel tested to maintain optimum sharpness strength

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Automatic Knife Sherpner

(HL-2068 )
PHYSILAB (SPENCER TYPE) AUTOMATIC KNIFE SHARPNER is poratble precise and efficient automatic sharpening equipment with 60 mintue electric timer to control sharpening period. Equipped with universal knife holder to accept all microtome knives unto 180mm in length. The complete internal mechanism is enclosed in a metal hosing with hinged M.S. duly epoxy powder coating paint and perplex cover to ensure dust free and precise sharpening operation.

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Magnetic Stirrer
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Magnetic Stirrer

(HL-2069 )
It has a compact stirring device utilizing a rotating magnetic field (created by a Permanent Mahnet) which induces variable speed stirring action. Stirring is accomplished by means of small Teflon rotor, which when placed in the liquid to be stirred is capable of rotation by magnetic field applied from below the container. The unit is fiited with pilot lamp. To work on 220/230 Volts A.C.
ADVANTAGES: Powerful shaded pole AC induction motor for stirring. Step less elctronics speed ontrol for better performance. Heater element is made of KANTHAL wire. Hot plate made of die cast aluminium with stainless steel top.

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Freezing Microtome (erma Type)

(HL-2070 )
Freezing micotome is an versatile section equipment used for cutting thin to semi-thin sections of fresh,frozen material and semi-thin sections from industrial products such as some textiles, paper, leather, soft plastics, rubber, powders, pastes and food products by carbon dioxide freezing attachment. Suitable table clamp is provided for fixing the equipment to the side of any standard table. Suitable to Cut sections up to 40 microns in step of 5 micron each.
Technical Features:
1.Freezing stage: 35mm dia., Feed range 5-40 microns.
2. Total feed excursion 25mm.
3. Supplied with razor 120mm with back & handle, honing plate, Co2 freezing attachment & stage, oil can, spanner for attachment to Co2 cylinder.

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Ice Cube Making Machine

(HL-2071 )
1. Body made of M.S. and Stainless steel chamber the units are fitted with hermetically seated compressor for high capacity cooling.
2. All units are controlled through a highly sensitive temperature control unit.
3. Double walled storage bin are insulated with PUFF for minimal thermal losses.
5. NO USE OF PUMPS : No disturbance, repair, wear.
6. NO HEATING GRIDS : Low power consumption, No source of deficiencies.
7. To work in 220/230 VA.C. Supply.

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Freezing Microtome

(HL-2072 )
This microtome is designed to the full purpose of accurate and quick diagnosis in surgery and also for the inspection of quality of rubbes and others. It has a table clamping device. The specimen rises accuracy and automatically by handle. The CO2 freezing attachment is provided with a hard rubber non-conducting plate between the corrugated surface to which the object is frozen and the rest of the apparatus, which prevents the conduction of heat from the other parts of the apparatus to the specimen; thus saving time and CO2. In operating this freezing attachment the valve at the bottom should first be closed and valve at the cylinder slightly opened to admit the gas into the tube. The Automatic feed mechanism can be thrown out of action by turning the Index Finger to the extreme left or it may be set to cut sections of any desired thickness.
Specifications :-
Freezing Stage : 35 mm. dia. Total Excursion of Feed : 25 mm.
Feed Range : 5 - 40 microns in steps of 5 microns each
Weight : 13 kg. approx. Size (in case) : 400x280x220mm.
High pressure flexible tubing : 150 cm. (approx.)
Each division of the graduated scale marks 5 microns, the Microtome range being 5-40 microns. The sturdy Knife Holder can be tilted to a convenient angle of the Knife suitable to the object. The instrument is supplied with following accessories in Wooden Storing Cabinet. Complete with a Razor 120mm with Back & handle, Honing Stone, Oil can, Vinyl Dust Cover and Operating Instructions manual etc. but without CO2 cylinder.

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Sliding Microtome

(HL-2073 )
Sliding Microtome is a standard sectioning instrument especially designed for Research Laboratories for cutting sections of paraffin as well as celloiden embedded specimens.
Sliding Microtome is having the advantage of vertical object feed by micrometer screw and cylinder so rigidly held that perfect in mobility under the knife is ensured even when cutting relatively large, hard and inhomogeneous specimens. The heavy knife block mounted on slide ways can be actuated entirely by hand.
Salient Features : Sturdy built with streamlined body. Length of sliding track 27 cms. Cuts section from 1-50 microns in steps of one micron each. Equipped with sturdy knife holder adjustable to different ranges of sectioning angles. Total excursion of feed 25mm.
Maximum opening of the object stage : 31x26mm. Supplied in a complete wooden case with the following accessories - A Razor, One Glass Plate for honing and three object holders.

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Rocking Microtome

(HL-2074 )
Cambridge rocking microtome is very well known and one of the best established microtomes in the world, which has given outstanding service to numerous microtomists through the years. It is designed for sectioning comparatively soft, wax-embedded tissues with a thickness range of 2 mm to 24 mm, in steps of 2mm. Calibrated in 2 micron divisions, the section cutting thickness can be set easily and quickly by a single control. It is recommended for elementary biology & pathology students. The rocking microtome is an extremely reliable instrument comprising of three moving parts. The lead screw mechanism incorporates quality precision engineering and the cutting stroke is controlled by a single control lever which minimizes the operator skill required. It carries wide choice of specimen holders cylindrical holders, standard orientating & wood block holders for sectioning wax embedded specimens.
Overall Dimensions 390x200x200 mm Nett Weight - 4 kgs.
Size of the cabinet 450x240x260 mm Gross Weight - 10 kgs.
The instrument is supplied with the following in a storing box : Three Standard Specimen Holders, Razor with built in handle in a box, Operating Instructions and Vinyl Dust Cover.

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Microtome Razors

(HL-2075 )
Rotary Microtome Razors fabricated from imported fine grain tool steel, heat treated and tested for micro-structure.
Supplied with back and handle in box.
a) Size 120 mm both sides wedge
b) Size 140 mm both sides wedge
c) Size 160 mm both sides wedge
d) Rocking Microtome Razor

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Honing Stone

(HL-2076 )
a) Size 8" (20 cms)
b) Size 10" (25 cms)

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L. Moulds (brass)

(HL-2077 )
L-Shape type embedding paired mould are used for making parafin blocks. Microtomes parafin blocks can be made of different sizes by adjusting L-mould.
Size :
(a) 37mm x 25mm x 15mm
(b) 50mm x 25mm x 15mm
(c) 75mm x 30mm x 19mm

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Sledge Microtome

(HL-2079 )
Recently in the histopathological examination, as for specimens of particularly large area or hard materials as well as for special purposes, very thin specimens such as of 1-3 microns or other sections of various kinds have been increasingly demanded. Large Sledge Microtome has been fabricated by improving hitherto used Microtomes providing their inherent characteristics to meet the above requirements. as such this model is highly recommended for all biological and reasearch laboratories for sectioning of soft tissues and also hard materials such as stem, root or other Botanical objects etc. It is very suitable also for Ear, Nose and Throat Departments where sections of fairly large specimens are required. If incorporated a Freezing attachment, this microtome can be as a Freezing Microtome.
This Microtome consists of Mainbody (Slide-Way), Object Clamping Stage, Feeding Device and Knife Clamping Block. The body of the Microtome has 3 tracks of 400mm horizontal slide for knife clamping block and 3 tracks of inclined slide for object clamping stage and feeding device. The shape of the knife block and its contact with 9 tracks eliminate riding up or tilting of the Microtome knife during the cutting.
The knife Clamping Block has a ball for clamping the knife holder and a handle. The knife Holder is fitted with two screws serving to eliminate vibration of the knife. The clearence angle of the knife can be adjusted by means of a screw drive.
The object Clamping Stage has a sliding stage and object clamping holder, THe object clamping holder is equipped with two rack and pinion swivelling device which can be oriented for adjustment of cutting object. It can be raised or lowered by rack and pinion for the approximate height adjustment of the object. The specimen blocks upto 30x30mm can be held in it.
The Feed Device can be adjusted for section thickness between 1 to 10microns by increment of 0.5micron by hand, with settling drum calibration scale. The specimen rises accurately by a micrometer screw fitted with a ratchet gear and lever transmission. The feeding screw is 40mm. in effective length and of open-and-close half-nut type, it returns to the initial position when the handle is opened.
Thin and accurate paraffin sections can be readily obtained. This may also be applied for preparing celloidin specimens.

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Freezing Micotome
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Freezing Micotome

(HL-2080 )
Freezing micotome is an versatile section equipment used for cutting thin to semi-thin sections of fresh,frozen material and semi-thin sections from industrial products such as some textiles, paper, leather, soft plastics, rubber, powders, pastes and food products by carbon dioxide freezing attachment. Suitable table clamp is provided for fixing the equipment to the side of any standard table. Suitable to cut sections up to 40 microns in step of 5 micron each.
Technical Features :
  • freezing stage: 35mm dia. , feed range 5-40 microns.
  • total feed excursion 25mm.

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Melting Point Apparatus Precision / Digital
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Melting Point Apparatus Precision / Digital

(HL-2081 )
Technical Specifications
  • Display Digital 3˝ Digit, Bright LED with accuracy 1%
  • Power 230V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz,
  • Capillary Tube - 100 No
  • Cleaning Tool - 1 No

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Deonizer : (Ion Exchanger)
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Deonizer : (ion Exchanger)

(HL-2082 )
The plant consists of One cation Exchanger column containing cation Exchanger Resin. One anion exchanger column containing anion exchanger Resin. Plant is mounted on M.S. stand with assembly of valves and tubing. One conductivity meter with cell to monitor the ionised solids of purified water and thus control the functions of demineralisation. The meter is direct reading having reading heavy range 0.40 microns/cm
a) Cap. or flow rate 30 to 50 It/hr.
b) Cap. or flow rate 75 to 100 It/hr.

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