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Product Code : (HL-475)
Description :

We offer our customers a wide range of electronic instruments under the name PN Junction/Zener Diode. These are made available in both standard & customized specifications. Some of the features of these process and testing equipment used include:

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Power Rating


Sodium Lamp Transformer

35 Watt


Power Supply AC/DC


Characteristics Apparatus (Forward & Reverse V-l Characteristics):

Objective: To study forward & reverse characteristics of PN Junction Diode and Zener Diode.


Instrument comprises of –

  • Two DC power supplies
  • Two round meters to measure voltage & current
  • 1 PN Junction Diode
  • 1 Zener Diode mounted behind panel with option of connections brought out at terminal /sockets


These also come with digital panel meters that provides in them optimum functionality.

Available Range:

Range provided by us include:

  • HL-585: Operational Amplifier IC - 741 Trainer with Digital Panel Meter
  • HL-413: Battery Charger 2-12 VDC/3 Amp
  • HL-425: 0-30 VDC/2 Amp
  • HL-539

BH Curve Apparatus:

Objective: To trace Hysteresis curves on CRO using Capacitance, Resistance & Inductance

Instrument comprises of AC Power Supply 3-15 VAC

  • Output selectable using band switch
  • Printed circuit diagram for BH curve
  • Components connected behind the front panel
  • Provision for connecting external inductance
  • Input & output connections brought out at sockets


Resistance in Series & Parallel Apparatus:

Objective: To verify properties of resistances when connected in series & parallel.

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