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We offer customers a wide range of instruments used in the pharmacy field. These include hand operated tablet machine, capsule counting device, capsule filling machine, tincher press, double cone blender, electrical bottle filling machine and collapsible tube filling machine. Further, we also offer bottle washing machine, tube crimping sealing machine, hand operated bottle sealing machine, tablet coating pan and universal mixing & grinding unit.
Hand Operated Tablet Machine :
These single punch automatic compression & injection devices are so designed that each revolution of the wheel drive automatically feed as well as removes tablets. Built using heavy cast body with centric pressure system, the stainless steel hoper provided is connected by a robber tube, which allows easy setting for thickness & hardness of tablets with nuts and lock nuts. We also provide with these machines a set of two spanners.
Pls note : We can also offer motorized tablet machine on order basis.
Capsule Counting Device :
This is a quick & convenient device, which is designed to deliver 100 capsules perforations. Made using superior grade aluminum, the device is also provided with a pouring lip and handle.
Pls note : We can also offer tablet counter device on order basis.
Capsule Filling Machine :
These are versatile lever operated semiautomatic machines for meeting the demands of various capsule filling operations. Some of its advantages include:
  • No plates for putting of capsules by hand
  • Removal of caps
  • Filling of powder by dispensing of brush pressing
  • Fixing of caps & selling
  • Injection of capsules contact parts of stainless for 100 capsules of size 0 to 2/ 5 (Anyone size in order)
  • We can also offer these machines in capacity of 200 capsules on order basis
Tincher Press :
These heavy duty machines are used for making tinctures, decoctions and infusions. The press comes in the capacity of 1 Lt. Further, these feature stainless steel disc, with screw and stainless steel incorporated vessel.
Double Cone Blender :
The blenders consist of two S.S. cones welded with cylindrical shape and have charging & discharging at opposite ends. Mounted on angle iron stand, it is available in the capacity of 5 kg.
Electrical Bottle Filling Machine :
These bottle filling machines are semi automatic and electrically operated and have filling capacity 50 to 300 ml. Further, these feature complete stainless steel body that makes them deliver long lasting performance.
  • With single syringe
  • With double syringe

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