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Product : Synoptophore

Product Code : (HL-49176 )
Description :
Synoptophore is instrument that encompasses the measurement of misalignment of the eyes. In other words it is helpful in checking the Binocular Vision of the Patient in addition to this it provides a Three-Dimensional or Depth Perception between the eyes.
Movement Of Optical Tubes :
Horizontal : Adduction + 50
Abduction -40
Vertical : Hyper 30
Hypo 30
Torsional : Incyclo 20
Excyclo 20

Slide Illumination :

Rheostat Controlled 12V Lamp for Each slide. After Image Illumination by 12V Lamp (For Better Illumination)

Auto Flashing :

Auto Flashing Of Slide Illumination Either Simultaneous or Alternate in Paid &Variable modes.
Mode & Mode Selection : Normal, Flashing Right, Flashing Left. Flashing R+L & Auto flashing, can be Selected By a Single Selector knob.

Standard Accessories

  • Dust Cover Two Spare Bulb 12V
  • A set of slides containing 9 Pairs power Cord.

Optional Accessories

  • Power Table / Mechanical Table
  • Haidinger Brusher

Optional accessories are listed as separate items in "Accessories" section under products, there brought separately.

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